Monday, August 31, 2015

Weird business practices in the tv series Parenthood s2 episode "Meet the New Boss"

Parenthood s2 episode "Meet the New Boss" @12:10

The context is that a company gets a new owner. The main manager Adam just recently met his new boss. And he doesn't know what to expect.

Adam finds out that his boss isn't talking about his direction for the new company. Adam keeps asking about it but the boss doesn't talk about it.

Then Adam is talking with his wife about it and he says about his boss that "and now he runs TNS"... "i could be out of a job"... "maybe he'll come up with a good idea, if necessary, I'll give him some guidance".

this is interesting.

i don't think i'd ever be in the situation where i'm an owner of a business and i don't know what's going on in the company yet. i mean, i'd investigate things before buying the company.

but let's say that somehow i'm in that position. what would i do? i'd investigate. i'd say to Adam:

"i want to get up to speed on what's known about how to run this company. i want to learn the company's traditions and then work on evolving them, rejecting some traditions, evolving others, and starting new ones."

But Adam wants the owner to tell him the company's direction, rather than Adam explaining to the owner the companies existing traditions (like it's current direction).

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