Saturday, August 29, 2015

Greco wrestler gets manhandled by a 132 lb guy

Check out this video of a 5'5" tall 132 lb guy physically controlling a wrestler who looks to be like 5'10" tall 240 lbs.

The smaller guy is better at controlling his balance. He reacts quicker to changes in his balance. This means that he's using his center of gravity better than the bigger guy is.

Note though that the smaller guy's center of gravity is lower than the bigger guy basically because he's much shorter.

The bigger guy is exerting a lot more force but the smaller guy absorbs that force effectively.

As the bigger guy gets tired, and starts doing more lunging, the smaller guy uses the bigger guy's momentum against him to the point of throwing him to the ground.

I wonder if it's fake though.

Chen Ziqiang - Chen style Tai Ji & Wrestling
Interesting video of Chen-style Tai Ji Quan lineage holder, Chen Ziqiang demonstrating some throws on a wrestler. (He's the nephew of Chen Xiaowang for those of you who know Tai Ji)Chen Ziqiang is quite well known as he quite often competes in San Shou matches (akin to kickboxing that allows grabbing and throws) and accept challenge style matches.The large guy in the video a wrestler (Greco) and a Sambo player. In contrast, Chen Ziqiang is 132 lbs (60kg) and 5'5" (165cm).
Posted by Fighting HQ on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In my high school football days, there was a game where I was badly beating this 6'5" 350 lb guy with just a 5'10" 220 lb frame. I was the offensive lineman pushing the defensive lineman 10 feet past the line of scrimmage while my ball handler ran up the gaping whole I just created. He was mostly fat and mostly standing up instead of getting low to the ground but the point is that size isn't an advantage if it's not used correctly.

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