Thursday, August 13, 2015

Expecting perfection

Expecting perfection

Another reason some people get angry is because their expectations are too high. They shoot for perfection and when it doesn’t happen they get upset. They feel bad and they might get angry at somebody else or themselves.

But it doesn’t make sense to shoot for perfection because that’s impossible. It’s setting things up for guaranteed failure and suffering. This is an avoidable mistake. Your expectations should be realistic. And perfection is not realistic.

Perfection isn’t achievable because new problems will always come up. It’s inevitable. You can’t reach a state where there’s no problems to deal with. 

So, imperfection is not a flaw.

So the important thing is that you’re always on the look out for problems and always working on solving them.

You need to set your expectations to something achievable. For example, expect to do your best. How can anyone ask more from you? That would be impossible. You can’t do more than your best.

But what does your best mean? It means continuing to work on turning your mistakes into lessons learned. It means trying to improve, instead of making excuses about your mistakes.

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