Sunday, September 21, 2014

Good muslims and bad muslims

Good muslims are good people — people that are against murder and rape. They are defenders of civilized society.
There are two kinds of bad people/muslims.
(1) Those that murder and rape, and
(2) Those that get more offended by people eating pig than by people committing murder and rape. These people would criticize me for criticizing the evil actions of murderers and rapists doing their work in the name of their god, and they would not criticize the evil actions of those murderers and rapists. By their actions they defend murderers and rapists and attack civilized society.
The people in the 2nd group are terrorists-in-principle. The people in the 1st group are terrorists-in-principle-and-action.
According to all the intelligence agencies across the world, the terrorist-in-principle muslims comprise 15 to 25% of all muslims. From this group is where the terrorist-in-principle-and-action muslims come from. It's just a matter of acting on the ideas that already exist in their minds.
This is very worrisome. Why is it happening?
Well, for one thing, Saudi Arabia spends millions of dollars annually to spread a brand of Islam known as Wahabism which is a terrorist philosophy.


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