Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why should people collaborate on solving problems?

Question: Why should people collaborate on solving problems?


Every organization has people and processes. Each person is responsible for performing his set of processes.

Some of the processes should have the purpose of refining other processes. For example, a manufacturing company will have industrial processes that are being refined by analytical processes – like analysts using software tools.

And those analysts have people that apply HR methodologies. And within the various tasks under the HR umbrella, HR managers apply various methodologies to those tasks.

And those software tools have people that apply methodologies on how they develop software applications. And within the various tasks involved in software development, software guys apply various methodologies to those tasks.

And those methodologies that people use are guided by their philosophies.

And a person's philosophy contains universal processes that apply to *all* processes, including itself, since it is itself a process.

And what is that process? We make guesses and iteratively refine them with criticism. It's how all knowledge is created -- by evolution.

And what's the better way to create quality criticism? Doing it by oneself or doing it with other people? Its doing it with other people because we're able to cover each others' blind spots. Since we all have different gaps in our knowledge, that means our gaps cross over each other, and so by sharing and comparing our knowledge with each other, each one of us is able to cover more of his own blind spots. And that's better for knowledge creation. It means solving more of one's own problems. And it means that for everybody who's actively participating in doing it.


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