Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lying and responsibility

There's two kinds of things people do. One is called a lie, and the other one most people want to say is not a lie.

(1) Intentionally twisting the truth. Everybody calls this a lie.

(2) Making a false statement while intentionally keeping yourself ignorant of the truth. Some people want to avoid calling this a lie.

What's the point of calling it anything other than a lie? Its so that people can evade responsibility -- he stayed ignorant because of his 'psychology' which caused him to want to stay ignorant -- which means that his *want* is not his responsibility. And that's bullshit. People are responsible for their wants/desires/preferences/ideas.


Why do people want to evade responsibility? Because it makes them feel better. But really? Its counter-productive. If you deny responsibility for your problems then they will go unsolved and cause you more harm than compared to solving your problems


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