Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Goals.. the destination and the journey

one should caution against thinking too much about goals and too little about the immediate next steps towards those goals. each step requires actively flushing out flaws and fixing them.

when a person solves a problem, he reveals new problems in the process. so he goes from problem to problem to problem, as he’s solving each one of them step-by-step.. piecemeal.. evolution.

a consequence of this is that as a person goes from problem to problem to problem in his effort to reach a goal, he may find out that his goal was bad, and so he changes his mind about that goal and adjusts his path accordingly -- new problems to think about now since he has a new goal. and this is common. and the opposite result is much much much less common. so its bad to treat one’s goals as promises, or static things that would be bad to change. actually its good to change because that means no longer being wrong, which is a great thing, and the opposite thing (not changing with reality) is bad.


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