Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jealousy: Why do kids get jealous and what to do about it?

Jon and Chris are at home playing. A friend of the family comes over, talks with dad a little bit, and then leaves. Jon notices a bag that wasn't there before dad's friend came over. He goes over there to see what's inside. Jon grabs 2 suckers out of the bag.

Jon: Awesome! Suckers!

[Jon unwraps a sucker and starts enjoying it.]

Chris: Really? I want some!

Chris: Ah man. There's only 1 sucker left.

Chris: Jon, how about you throw away one of your suckers?

Dad: What? Why should Jon do that?

Chris: Because then it'll be fair, so I'll feel better.

Dad: um, how does Jon losing a sucker make you feel better?

Chris: I just said, "then it'll be fair."

Dad: I don't know what you mean. How does Jon losing a sucker affect your life?

Chris: Because then it'll be fair.

Dad: You're not explaining what you mean. Why do you care that you have as much as Jon does?

Chris: Well, I'd feel bad if I didn't.

Dad: You're still not explaining what you mean. You're basically saying "I feel it because I feel it." That's circular.

Chris: Why did your friend only bring 3 suckers?

Dad: I don't know what that has to do with why you would feel better if Jon lost a sucker.

Dad: My friend didn't say anything about it. Maybe he accidentally left it here. Maybe he meant to bring it to his house to give to his kids, and maybe it fell out of his pocket while he was here.

Chris: But this isn't fair!

Dad: Are you trying to say that somebody wronged you?

Chris: Yes.

Dad: Who wronged you, and what did they do wrong, and what do you think they should have done instead and why?

[no reply]

Dad: Do you realize that we could just go to the store and buy a whole bag of suckers for like $2? I mean, anytime we go to the store you always get whatever candy you want, and anytime we don't have the candy you want, you've asked me to take you to the store and we go. So I don't see the problem.

Chris: Oh ya. 

Chris: Ok I want to go to the store right now.

Dad: k gimme 10 minutes to finish this email and we'll go.

Chris: Deal!

[Jon's finishes his first sucker and get's out his 2nd sucker.]

Jon: I don't want this anymore. Chris you want it?

Chris: Ya gimme.

[Chris finishes his first sucker.]

Chris: Actually I don't want it anymore. These don't even taste that good.

Jon: I know!

Dad: Do you still want to go to the store?

Jon: ya I wanna get some hershey bars.

Chris: I don't know what I want.

Dad: you can decide later. get ready, I'm almost done with this email.

Dad: oh and go check to see what things you're out of. I think we ran out of your favorite chips.

[Jon and Chris run off to get ready.]


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