Monday, April 26, 2021

I changed my mind about Elliot Temple

In the past 10 years I've said great things about Elliot Temple.

I now believe I was conned. Or rather, I fooled myself. I shouldn't blame Elliot. He's just as ignorant as I was.

When someone claims to be the greatest living philosopher, while at the same time being a jerk to people, we all should speak up. Nobody should be subjected to such evil when they could have been alerted of the danger from informed parties.

Elliot claims to be doing the scientific approach in all things, but he doesn't. Look at all of his judgements about other people. He never posts his thinking about rival theories that account for the possibility that he is at fault instead of the other person. Why? Maybe because he doesn't think about such things. Maybe he doesn't like to. Fine, but then that's antithetical to the scientific approach. And what's philosophy without the scientific approach? It's ivory tower philosophy. That's what Elliot is.. an ivory tower philosopher. He didn't get real world experience. He's not a generalist.

Elliot disowned me. Ok. Let me be crystal clear. If Elliot Temple is the greatest living philosopher, then I disown - and spit on - the entire field of philosophy.

I used to think that I was very much aligned with Elliot. Wow, was I wrong. I realize now that I'm far far far more aligned with physicists than somebody like Elliot or Ayn Rand. They aren't very good. The physicists are much better. Who? David Deutsch. Eli Goldratt. Richard Feynman. Albert Einstein. Better intellectually and better as whole persons too.

People run away from Elliot. That's very much unlike me.

People are attracted to me. I am respectful. They seek my help and I gladly accept the responsibility. Sometimes they let me fight their fights for them. And I win my fights. I take them seriously, more than anyone else. I don't back down. I'm patient. I wait for the right time, and then I strike. Collateral damage.. on me? No problem. I'm trained for that. It's second nature now. I will heal. And I will heal stronger, making me that much better for my next fight. If you try to hurt me, I have thick skin, so I'll be ok. But if you try to hurt someone in my tribe, that is not ok with me. You will have to deal with me. Don't expect me to be nice. And if you don't back down immediately, I will have to escalate to anger. 

You won't like me when I'm angry.

It's good to be my friend. It's not good to be my enemy. So come to my side. The other side will not win. Good is stronger than evil.

What does it mean to be smart? This question is nonsense without establishing what smart means. The best meaning that I've found is this. Smart means having the requisite knowledge to achieve your goals. I don't believe Elliot is very smart. His goals are small. And he's not effective at even those small goals.

Big goals would involve working with a lot of people. And Elliot doesn't know how to work with people. He admits it himself. So he understands that he's a lion. In the business world we understand that dealing with lions can be more trouble than it's worth. We're more the elephant type. So Elliot doesn't understand business. So much for all that studying he did of Eli Goldratt - the physicist turned business guru. He apparently didn't learn much from EG.

Elliot doesn't understand love. He doesn't understand benevolence. So he doesn't understand people and what people need in order to flourish. He doesn't understand how to work with people. So he doesn't understand how the world works.

Elliot doesn't understand anger. He thinks anger is just an emotion. He doesn't know that anger can be expressed as ideas. Elliot's ideas are angry. He regularly pressures people with his ideas. Elliot begrudges people a lot. That's anger too. And he doesn't see it as anger. He's too disconnected from reality to understand what anger is. So his advocacy about non-coercion is just lip service. He doesn't know how to interact with people without coercion. Anger is coercive.

I disown Elliot Temple and the community known as Fallible Ideas (FI). I disown every (positive) claim I've ever made about Elliot Temple or FI.

The list of issues I now know that I disagree with Elliot about is so fucking long that there's no fucking way I'm going to waste my time trying to explain.

So instead of listing specific things, just forget everything I've ever said before today. I don't want you to be harmed by my flaws or the flaws of Elliot (which I adopted and may have passed on to you).

Once you're done forgetting everything I said, now forget everything anyone has ever told you. What's left is you. Your ideas. And then forget those too. "Don't believe everything you think." Unknown author.

You are more evolved than in your past. You have new ways of thinking, new ways of judging theories, new ways of creating new theories, and much of this is new intuition - so you need to rethink everything. Rethink everything that you think you believe. You also need to discover the beliefs you have that you don't even know you have.

So I'm going to start over. This is a beginning of infinity for me.

And I hope this is a beginning of infinity for the whole world, not just me.

I envision a world where everybody benefits from the best available knowledge. If my name is Rami Rustom, this world will become what it is supposed to be.


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