Sunday, November 22, 2015

Are you thinking of quitting FI?

Some people quit FI discussion group. They unsubscribe, so they stop getting FI emails.

They do it for different reasons.

Some do it because they misinterpreted things and think that someone on FI was angry at them. And they are scared of people getting angry at them. So they quit FI so that they don’t have to deal with their fear of the perceived “anger". Basically they mistook criticism for hostility. They do it because they interpret things using their win/lose worldview that interprets things that way.

Others quit FI because they’ve tried to implement FI ideas in their lives and failed and they feel that things got worse instead of better. But they didn't understand the ideas, so they shouldn't have put them into action yet. They were overreaching. FI advises against that.

Sometimes it’s a case where the person blames himself for not engaging with FI well.

Other times it’s a case where the person blames FI instead. They’ll say something like “I’m thinking of quitting fi because it caused more problems than it solved”.

But that’s a mistake. They are blaming fi for something that fi isn’t to blame for.

What’s to blame is the person's own ideas.

But there’s an upside. You can change your ideas!!

If you continue with fi, you'll have an infinitely better opportunity of changing your ideas because you'll get help from fi criticism, suggestions, and questions.

Rejecting fi means accepting a state of no progress on your problems. Accepting death. 
Guaranteeing failure.

Rejecting fi is not a solution. 

Rejecting fi is the same as rejecting hope. Embracing pessimism.

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