Friday, October 31, 2014

I love philosophy!

I love philosophy! Find out why below.

My favorite thinkers are:

  • Elliot Temple

    • Fallible Ideas (website about everything)
    • His blog
    • he combined Objectivism and Critical Rationalism and fixed the conflicts between them
    • advanced the field of psycho-epistemology

  • Ayn Rand

    • creator of Objectivism (which is big on liberalism)
    • coined the term psycho-epistemology -- the study of psychology with the premises that the human mind is born a blank slate and that emotions and personality traits are created by the self, and therefore changeable by the self.

  • Karl Popper

    • creator of Critical Rationalism
    • first to explain how knowledge is created, by evolution
    • first to explain why political revolution is bad compared to political evolution (piecemeal reform) in terms of epistemology

  • David Deutsch

  • Ludwig Von Mises
    • champion of liberalism
    • explain economics principles by liberal philosophy
  • Thomas Szasz

    • champion of liberalism
    • explains the anti-liberalism of the current state of the field of Psychiatry
    • Psychiatry (iPad/iPhone app by Elliot Temple)

  • Edmund Burke

    • champion of liberalism
    • convinced Britain to end war with US by explaining that trading with US is better for Britain than warring with them
    • explained how political evolution (piecemeal reform) is better than political revolution

  • William Godwin

    • champion of liberalism
    • first to bring liberalism to children, explained that children are capable of reason
    • earliest known adopter of the idea that punishment is immoral  (because it doesn't work) 
    • earliest known adopter of the idea that emotions are changeable

  • Richard Feynman
    • "Cargo Cult Science"
    • explained psychology about fooling oneself
    • about him (link:
  • Albert Einstein

  • Isaac Newton

    • creator of the fields of physics, and calculus

  • Socrates

    • creator of the Socratic method
    • spreader of the concept of fallibility

These are my best essays (to date) and related other stuff:

  • Politics

  • Children and parenting

  • Relationships

  • Epistemology

  • Morality

  • Psychology

  • Business

  • Everything


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